Detox weekend – I’m fine!

Stars like to spend a lot of money on a detox treatment – a detox weekend is enough for us: Mini workouts, exercises and exclusive recipes for beautiful skin and a good gut feeling.

“Happiness lies, first of all, in health.” – George William Curtis, author of Lotus-Eating

Detox-weekend start: Friday – eliminate stress


A little air cure: rushing to the supermarket or the gym after work? Take it easy at the start of the detox weekend, with a walk or bike ride far away from the city stink and traffic noise, for example on a beautiful forest path. Take a deep breath and exhale a little longer. Is because we release gaseous metabolic toxins via the lungs. If stressful thoughts come up: do not hold on, but let it go on! And at home, you will get a fruity energy kick: Plum Smoothie. To the recipe: Plum Smoothie.

Foot care: They are often neglected, so the soles of your feet are on during the detox weekend. While standing, roll a tennis or hedgehog ball (e.g. drugstore) back and forth under the sole with firm pressure, first with the right foot and then with the left, including the toes, the outer and inner edge of the foot. Then rub the feet with oil – lavender oil relaxes, but olive oil from the kitchen does the same – and gently knead with both hands from the heel to the toes, this stimulates the blood circulation.

To relieve the pressure on the liver, gall bladder and kidneys, apply pressure with your thumbs for one minute. It is precisely in the middle of the sole below the balls of your feet. It is where the acupressure points are located, which according to traditional Chinese medicine are connected to the respective detoxification organ via energy channels.

In the evening

Sounds of silence: The TV stays off during the detox weekend. Zapping does not relax but makes you unhappy, because we unconsciously book the sprinkling as a waste of time. Listening to music is much more relaxing. Scientists have found that our auditory pathways are linked to the emotional centre in the brain, the limbic system. And quiet sounds, such as soft jazz-like “My only thrill” by Melody Gardo, dampen stress or excitement lastingly. Also, useful: taking a guided fantasy journey, for example with the audiobook “My Secret Garden” by Christiane Hein.

Bathtub wellness: Sour makes fun? Not if the tissue is overly acidic and stores metabolic residues. You can counteract this by relaxing in the bathtub during the detox weekend. Alkaline bath additives increase the pH value of the water and stimulate the skin to excrete more acids. After 20 minutes at a water temperature of approx. 37 degrees, you will feel good, but not tired.

Detox-weekend Saturday – spring cleaning from the inside

Today, the liver, kidney, lungs, and intestines receive active support.

In the morning

Oil change: Start with “Gandusha”, an Ayurvedic mouthwash with sesame or sunflower oil. It requires some overcoming but effectively transports worthless metabolic products away through the mucous membrane of the mouth. This is how it works: move a good “sip” of oil back and forth in the mouth, gargle and press it through the spaces between the teeth. The fat binds germs and toxins – do not swallow! Spit out after 3-5 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Movement therapy: The detox workout acts like a light massage on the digestive organs and gets circulation and metabolism going. The better the blood supply to the cells, the smoother the lymphatic cleansing system works. Do the exercise sequence 5 times:

1. stand comfortably, legs hip-wide apart, hands supported in the hips. Breathe in and tighten your buttocks, tilt your pelvis slightly forward, tilt your upper body back as far as is comfortable. The neck long, the view diagonally upwards. Straighten up when exhaling.

2. lay with your back on a yoga mat or blanket, pull the closed angled legs towards your body, headrests on the floor. Then grasp knees with arms, inhale deeply. When exhaling lift your head and shoulders, pull knees towards the chin, do not stretch the toes, but bend them towards the body. Hold the tension for a few deep breaths, then release and lay flat on your back again.

3. in the prone position, cross your arms under your head, lay your forehead on your hands. Then lift one leg from the floor when inhaling without turning up the hips, lower again when exhaling. Change sides.


Aperitif: A cup of detoxifying herbal tea stimulates digestion and detoxification.

Main course: On the menu, you will find raw vegetables, which support the gastrointestinal tract with bitter substances. Recipe: Colourful salad with sesame dip

Good vibrations: Singing “Omm” with knotted legs – you surely know this yoga cliché. But maybe you did not realise that breathing yet out loud on individual syllables (“tones” called) makes the inner organs vibrate and promotes digestion. Try it out: take a deep breath cross-legged, back straight, hands relaxed on your thighs. Then in one breath first loudly on “Aaaa”, then on “Ohhh”, finally exhale on “Mmmm”. Repeat the exercise 2 more times.

Time out in the afternoon

Time out: Off to the couch! And while doing so, make sure the liver, bile and intestines are well supplied with blood and activated with a warm compress: place a hot, moist towel on the upper abdomen, a hot water bottle on top, and finally a dry towel and a blanket over it. Close your eyes and rest for 15-20 minutes. If you like, you can focus on the solar plexus – the particularly sensitive abdominal area above the navel.

Imagine, for example, how you are penetrated there by a bright light or wrapped in red light. Afterwards (or instead), a stomach massage that supports the intestinal movements does you good: lie on your back in a relaxed position, bend your legs, stroke your stomach clockwise with your flat hand, first in large circles, then getting smaller towards the navel, and back. After about 5 minutes, apply gentle pressure a few more times to the belly with both hands from top to bottom.

In the evening

Fire breath: Breathing detoxifies the body. The lungs fill up with oxygen, which is used up in the body. This process produces waste products such as carbon dioxide, which we must breathe out. It works very well with the technique “fire breath” or “Kapalabhati” from Kundalini-Yoga. Here’s it works: first, take a deep breath cross-legged, press out the abdominal wall IS strong, chin slightly lowered. When exhaling, pull the abdominal wall inward just as firmly. Start slowly with this intermittent diaphragmatic breathing, later increase the tempo until you reach a kind of bellows breathing with about 2 moves per second. Continue breathing for 20-30 seconds, then slowly and deeply into the abdomen.

Re-interpretation: In negative mode, sentences like “It’ll be so stressful again on Monday! Stop! Turn the whole thing around, like this: “Next week I have a lot of challenges waiting for me. I’m going to feel great when I get it all done.”

 Detox-weekend Sunday – cleaning the skin.

Detox effects show up fastest on our largest detoxification organ, the protective skin.

In the morning

Sea freshness: Not welcome on the beach, extremely useful in the bathroom – algae provide pleasantly clear skin. Contained enzymes loosen old skin flakes and prevent impurities. Before taking a shower, apply an algae pack to the face, leave on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off thoroughly in the shower.

Alternating showers: Start as a “warm shower”, then reduce the temperature and, beginning with the feet and rising upwards, rinse the whole-body cold—3 times warm, 3 times cold in alternation. Stop with cold water! After drying off, insert a brush unit if necessary – this improves blood circulation and supplies the skin with nutrients. Using a natural hair brush (drugstore), circle from the ankles, thighs and lower legs to the buttocks; only apply gentle pressure to the stomach and breasts, then stroke the hands and arms again firmly in a circular motion in the direction of the heart.


South America: Delicious, the vegetable pan with quinoa. And the grains of “Inca rice” are full of minerals and contain hardly any acid-forming protein.

In the afternoon

Hot flush: To start sweating is still one of the best and most natural detox methods. More than half a litre of fluid evaporates daily via sweat and sebaceous glands – this also liquefies toxins. How about 10 minutes of rope skipping (even possible with a bathrobe belt), jumping on the mini-trampoline or only running up and down the stairs several times? Afterwards, take a short shower, drink a large glass of water or a highly diluted juice spritzer (1-part juice + 3 parts water) and rest.

Fingertip feeling: Now get to the cellulite with a plucking massage! Take the skin on your thighs, buttocks, and belly in pieces between thumb and index finger, pull it slightly upwards and let go again. Stimulates the blood circulation of the connective tissue, provides optical tightening. The whole thing works better with a little oil.

Chocolate Flash: It works best from the inside – with a chocolate-chilli drink. To the recipe: Hot chocolate with ginger and chilli


Final spurt: Great time for sauna or steam bath. Or to inhale chamomile: Boil 100 grams of chamomile flowers in 2 litres of water and simmer for 5 minutes. Let the steam cool down a bit and breathe deeply through the mouth and nose alternately for about 5 minutes with a towel over your head. The essential oils with antibacterial effects cleanse the skin and respiratory tract. Then dab the face and apply night cream generously.

Sleeping mask: If you like, wear “salt socks” tonight. For this, dissolve 50 grams of sea salt in one layer of water. Immerse thin cotton socks, wring them out well, put them on and pull thick socks over them. Just like an alkaline bath, this balances an over-acidified environment in the body. If you prefer to go to bed with dry feet, apply to cleanse and revitalizing cream. Put on the socks, let it work overnight – and dream of spring.

Your detox weekend goes best when you …

  • Give up meat, sausage, fish, eggs, and dairy products 1-2 days before.
  • Do not eat starchy foods (bread, cakes, pasta, potatoes) on the Detox weekend. Exceptions are cereals like brown rice, millet, or quinoa.
  • Sweeten with honey, maple syrup or agave syrup instead of sugar or sweetener.
  • Eat fruit and vegetables in organic quality if possible.
  • Only a little salt (salt binds liquid in the body) and to quench your thirst, it is best to drink still water or spring water; you should avoid coffee, black and green tea altogether.
  • Drink only fruit juice without added sugar.

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