Ayurveda Detoxifying Diet and Changing Habits

detox diet

Detox Diet

There are many reasons why you can consider dieting. One of the main ones is losing weight, but it can also be because you feel more tired, bloated, without energy and heavy. Even your digestions and evacuation give you problems or have discomfort related to premestrual syndrome or menopause.

If all this makes you consider going on a diet or joining the detox fad, congratulations! That means that you have realized that something is not right and you want to change it. That is the first step in taking responsibility for your health.

Now, the answer to your need to be healthier and more vital is not to follow some radical and restrictive guidelines to lose weight for a few days, drink green juices at all times or spend a fortune on exotic “superfoods” that promise to super nourish and detoxify you.

Next, I am going to explain to you why the detox diet trend is not the best solution, and I will give you deeper, permanent, and effective alternatives.

Disadvantages of a Detox Diet

The miracle solutions and radical challenges of a few days only work while you carry them out , but once finished, your situation will be the same as before or even worse.

The real and effective answer is to learn daily guidelines that allow you to be more aware of the effects that food has on your body, your mind and your emotions, and in this way learn to be more healthy and vital in a stable and stable way. continued .

The key is to take care of yourself on a daily basis in a way that is respectful of your personal constitution and your lifestyle. Do not forget that food not only nourishes our body, but has to nourish our mind and our emotions.

Don’t you think it is better to learn to take care of yourself and respect yourself on a daily basis? How about learning to recognize your needs in order to have personalized guidelines adapted to your day to day life? Would you like binge eating to disappear because your body no longer asks for it, because you are comfortable with what you eat and your diet balances you and is tasty?

The Ayurveda Alternative to the Detox Diet

Ayurveda has been giving us solutions and recipes for comprehensive health care and purification for thousands of years . It is the first medicine that talks about toxins and points out that they are the cause of diseases.

It gives you the main keys so that your diet is more balanced, so that you do not have to resort to diets or processes to detoxify the body, with more than doubtful results in the medium and long term.

That is why I propose that you start with me a personal feeding process based on Ayurvedic principles, in which I can advise and guide you with personalized guidelines.

How to detoxify the body correctly with Ayurveda

My way of working and approaching Ayurveda starts from a detailed analysis of the person, maintains a global vision of food and its effects, and takes into account the time of year:

– Detailed analysis: it is the starting point. I will take into account your personality, personal constitution, lifestyle habits, current moment, and needs. Based on this study I give you daily guidelines and food recommendations adapted to your reality.

– Global vision of food and its effects: Food is not only proteins, fatty acids or vitamins that nourish or purify us. They also nourish us (or not) on an emotional level and enhance or decrease certain types of thoughts. Therefore, a more conscious diet includes a balance in the food we eat so that our emotions are calm and in balance , and the mind centered.

– Time of year: At each time of year the body has different needs that must be respected. It is important to know that the days before the changes of seasons are where the greatest imbalances can occur and therefore we feel worse and get sick. In addition, autumn is a season where the excesses of summer are combined with the decrease in daylight hours and the drop in temperature. 

For all this, I encourage you that if you really want a change or think you need a detox to be healthier, opt for a comprehensive solution that helps you get to know yourself better and know how to take care of yourself on a daily basis. That you purify and detoxify your body, but in a sensible and effective way, without ups and downs.

 Do you want to detoxify and feel better with a natural, personalized and sustainable process over time?

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