Causes and Solutions of Constipation



How Are You Going to the Bathroom?

It’s not a very common question, is it? It can even be somewhat uncomfortable, but without a doubt, going to the bathroom well is very important for our well-being, both physically and emotionally.

What Is Going Well to the Bathroom? When Is Constipation Considered?

According to Ayurveda medicine, it is healthy to go to the bathroom every day, and the idea is to go after each main meal. How about? If your predominant constitution is pitta, surely this is your case, but if you are Kapha and especially Vata, you are thinking “What? Every day several times? Impossible!” Well no, going to the bathroom every day is not only possible, but it is the healthiest.

Constipation is one of the most common health imbalances and it can cause many problems: from abdominal pain and gas, to hemorrhoids, skin problems or fatigue.

Causes of Constipation

According to Ayurveda, your personal constitution sets your trend. If you are Vata, you are going to be quite prone to constipation, but having this tendency, or being constipated as a baby, does not mean that it is something “normal” or has to always be like that. Other constitutions such as pitta and Kapha often visit the toilet on a daily basis. But throughout life, anyone can have a hard time going to the bathroom. 

In addition to the constitution, the most important causes of constipation are your lifestyle habits . To start feeding is the key , and I do not just mean eating more fiber. Much is said about fiber as a solution to intestinal transit, but did you know that in certain people it can make the situation worse? If you bloat on fiber and drink water, but you still have no results or even worse, you certainly know what I’m talking about. Therefore, Ayurveda medicine insist that the approach to proper nutrition has to be personalized .

On the other hand, stress , sedentary lifestyle , certain types of medication or pathologies such as diabetes can trigger or worsen the problem. But in any case, there are solutions and you can always improve a lot, even if the constipation is chronic.

5 Solutions for Constipation

1 – Listen to your body and respect it: When you want to go to the bathroom, don’t ignore it, go away! Maybe you are at work, or you are away from home. Yes, I know that it is not the “ideal” situation. You still have to wait a few minutes. Okay, but if at 09:00 you feel like going to the bathroom, don’t wait until 16:00 … This is a tremendously harmful habit that many people I see in consultation with doing. Those hours of waiting are very harmful. It is vital to respect the needs of the body.

2 – Increase healthy fats: The lubrication and nutrition provided by fats is of great help to help intestinal transit. There are many reasons to include healthy fats in your diet. Every day I meet people who have a very low-fat diet because they think they are harmful, but their lack is much more harmful on many levels. Depending on your constitution and lifestyle, the most effective amount and fat is different . You can start by including a tablespoon of ghee with dinner.

3 – Hydrate yourself : According to Ayurveda, the recommendation of 2 liters of water a day is not beneficial for everyone … But it is true that good hydration helps to go to the bathroom, so try something easy and increase your water intake , adding 1 or 2 glasses of hot water a day . It is important that the water is hot to increase agni (the digestive fire) and relax the intestines.

4 – Self-massage with oil : Massage can be of great help, especially if your belly is bloated and gassy. Massage your belly in a circular way from right to left (following the path that the stool follows in the colon). Try to do it a couple of times a day, applying sesame oil , preferably a little hot.

5 – Move : If you move, everything moves. It helps your body so that it can expel toxins! This tip is especially important if you spend many hours sitting. You can walk, run or do zumba, find an activity that you like. But without a doubt, my recommendation is Yoga. The Yoga makes a comprehensive approach and its benefitsalso given at all levels. But also, it has specific asanas and techniques (postures, exercises and breaths) to improve constipation. In consultation I teach a very simple individualized table that is of great help.

I hope you put these tips into practice and can improve, you will see how they are of great help!

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