About Us

Satvik Living is a portal that surrounds groundbreaking positive confirmations, healthy vegan food plans and a celebratory way of life. 

The foundation of Satvik Living is based on peacefulness. We incorporate and advance the idea of calm conjunction with different animals on the planet, building resistance, promoting sharing and displaying concern about mother earth. A Satvik way of life gives the components required for a healthy body, chipper life, and a strong psyche.

At the point when we are carrying on with a Satvik way of life, we experience a full life, one of motivation, development, light and happiness. We flash the re-awakening of our readers to their most profound soul insight and engage them to live their generally dynamic, extensive life.

Following the Satvik way of life enables you to turn into your first care doctor. You carry on with an existence of ideal well being and naturally fix every single sickness you may be experiencing – basically by changing your food and way of life. We should come together and spare the planet from the constantly expanding infections.

I expect that after coming to our portal, you are motivated to imbibe these customs on the side of your well-being, driving you to meet a more aware, a plentiful method of living, carrying you closer to your actual self.
~ Satvik family