Ayurveda for Men: Nutrition, Body Care & Health

ayurveda for men

As a holistic approach, Ayurveda influences all areas of life. Of course, it does not primarily depend on gender, but rather on a person’s body and mind. However, a few small aspects only affect the male body and can be influenced by Ayurvedic methods. We have summarized “Ayurveda for men” here for you!

What does Ayurveda do?

In Ayurveda, it is assumed that every person has a specific type of constitution. The three Doshas – Kapha, Pitta, and Vata – are differently pronounced in each of us. Regardless of this, a man’s life should be divided into three energy phases: Kapha characterizes youth, Pitta dominates middle-age, and old age is Vata time.

Of course, this development does not have to be as linear as it may sound. However, as a man, you can positively promote your physical and mental health if you adapt your lifestyle to your Dosha.

At this point, we would like to point out once again that living consciously according to the Ayurveda teachings is, of course, no more a “man’s thing” than a “woman’s thing.” Stress, everyday worries, tension, etc.: Both men and women suffer from all these factors.

What does “Ayurveda for men” mean?

Maybe you are now asking yourself where the big difference lies. Very simple: First and foremost, in a physical aspect, because Ayurveda can positively influence the male prostate.

For men to stay healthy in all phases of life, i.e., to keep body and mind in balance, the following points are of great importance:

  • Movement in a reasonable amount
  • A diet that is geared to your own Dosha
  • Sufficient liquid
  • Sufficient sleep
  • Awareness of prostate health

The prostate is a Pitta organ. Its fiery constitution wants to be soothed, for example, through yoga exercises for an improved lymph flow and an appropriate diet. Thus, an ayurvedic way of life makes an essential contribution to the well-being of men by preventing prostate problems, among other things.

These can occur when the metabolism no longer functions well, and the digestive fire Agni is significantly weakened. So what can a man do to feel fully well and healthy at any age?


It is also suitable for men to follow the basic principles of Ayurveda nutrition. In concrete terms, this means three (warm) meals a day and in between longer breaks without snacks so that the Agni can be fully active during the main meal times. Also, it is essential to have a nutritional concept adapted to one’s own Dosha, which also promotes the digestive fire.

Of course, it is equally indispensable to drink enough. Better than cold drinks are those with lukewarm or warm temperatures. There is a large selection of Ayurvedic drinks; how about a glass of ginger or rice water, for example?

Point number 3: As a man, you can support the digestive fire Agni by avoiding spicy, hot, salty, or sour foods. Because foods like grapefruit, garlic, onions, sour cream, or buttermilk stimulate Pitta, and the more active the Pitta, the “fierierier” the spirit becomes. In other words, you become irritated and stressed. Pitta can be soothed with foods such as coconut oil, pumpkin seeds, and linseed.

Body care

If you regularly take a little time for personal hygiene and, in this way, consciously do something for yourself, you will feel better. Also, maintaining and relaxing measures belong thereby to the Ayurveda for men.

Such a relaxation measure can be, for example, an (oil) massage. Of course, this can be done by a trained expert, but in principle, each of us can easily arrange for a short break in between.

Only a little liquid oil is necessary, for example, coconut or olive oil. You massage the oil into the temples and scalp with slow, circular movements and under gentle pressure. If the oil can work overnight, it is incredibly calming for scalp and hair follicles so that the hair gets essential nutrients, and the unloved hair loss can be prevented, with which many men have to fight with advancing age.

Physical and mental health

We can only be well if we take care of both physical and mental health. Make sure, for example, that your body gets enough sleep so that it can regenerate. Develop a routine for this by getting up early and going to bed before 10 pm. It’s also essential to put your smartphone on its side in time.

As far as exercise is concerned, this does not necessarily mean that you have to work out every day because constant overexertion means stress for your heart and muscles. How about a few minutes of yoga instead? Contrary to common belief, this meditation technique is an excellent way for women and others to take a little time out from the daily rush.

Silent meditation and pranayama breathing exercises such as abdominal breathing also have a calming effect. Place your flat hand on your stomach and consciously breathe into this hand. This feels very different from the superficial chest breathing that we usually tend to do.

If you integrate relaxation techniques like this into your everyday life and your diet a little – or maybe a little more? – you will soon realize that you can actively do something against stress and bad feelings. After all, the Ayurvedic way of life is not just a “medicine” that you can use against a particular ailment. Instead, it brings inner balance and health on many levels, whether you are male or female.

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