Ayurveda Cure at Home: Beautiful with Ayurveda

ayurveda at home

For thousands of years, Ayurvedic philosophy has viewed the body as a temple that needs to be cared for and cleansed. Life in personal balance promises health and thus satisfaction and thus inner and outer beauty and charisma. From Ayurveda, the science of life, some beautiful beauty rituals for an Ayurveda cure at home can be derived, which can be easily and easily implemented. Only natural products are used for these and there is no need for any great reading into topics such as the Panchakarma cure.

The goal of the internal and external applications is to care for and nourish the individual layers of tissue (dhatus). In this way, nutrients can be better transported and absorbed and the body is gently cleansed and nourished – a kind of little Ayurvedic detox for you and your beauty, without medicine and with nature.

Ayurveda cure at home: external beauty rituals

Oil for the hair

Instead of caring for the hair with complex cures, care products, and medicine, you can learn from the teachings in Ayurveda and simply use a good sesame oil or argan oil for your dry hair ends as a cure. Put a hazelnut-sized amount of the oil in the palm of your hand, rub it in, and apply it evenly to the ends of your hair. This is particularly suitable in the evening before going to bed, as the oil can then be particularly well absorbed.

Neem oil against blemishes

Neem oil is obtained from the seeds of the neem tree. It used to be used in high concentrations for natural pest control. Since it has a wide range of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving components, it is also ideal as an Ayurveda cure at home for the treatment of pimples. The oil can be dabbed directly on pimples and smaller blemishes directly or as an ingredient in an oil mix. Be sure to clean the face gently beforehand.

Ayurvedic face mask with turmeric and sandalwood

To cleanse the pores, you can easily mix a mask from these 4 ingredients that are very popular in Ayurveda:

  • 1 pinch of turmeric
  • 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon honey
  • 2 natural yoghurt (if you want it to be vegan, you can also use soy yoghurt)

Mix all ingredients until you get the consistency you want. You can always use a little more of one or the other ingredient. Apply the paste to the cleansed face, leave it on for 10 minutes, and then wash it off thoroughly with warm water.

Udvarthana – Stimulating Ayurvedic dry

Massage with chickpea flour for the body With this form of massage from Ayurveda, parts of the body is massaged dry with a warm herbal composition, which is mixed with stimulating spices. The application, therefore, has exfoliating and cleansing properties, activates the metabolism, and promotes blood circulation. A completely natural form of detox that could also be part of the Panchakarma cleansing.

  • 1 cup of chickpea flour
  • teaspoon ginger powder
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon

During your Ayurveda cure, heat the ingredients briefly in a pan at home without fat, stirring constantly. Now apply your mixture in portions to different places on your body and massage it in in circular movements. After massaging yourself (except for your face) thoroughly, shower the flour off with warm water. If you want, you can now oil yourself with a light oil (e.g. jojoba oil). After this beautiful beauty ritual, treat yourself to at least 20 minutes of relaxation – for you and your health.

Ayurveda cure at home: internal beauty rituals

True beauty comes from within, we are all familiar with it and, above all, it can be brought to light without medicine. In order to feel vital and full of energy and to guarantee health, the following points must be observed in any case. They let us shine from within and form a basic foundation for our true beauty:

  • Pay attention to your diet: balanced, natural, and type-appropriate. Are you Pitta, Vata, or Kapha?
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Exercise every day or do yoga regularly.
  • Support your digestion – the skin can only glow if the metabolism is working well.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Meditate regularly.
  • Treat yourself to relaxation and regular time-outs (especially from the digital world).
  • Be thankful for all the wonderful things and people that enrich your life.
  • Do an Ayurveda regimen at home

Ayurvedic beauty herbal preparations

The following three herbal mixtures are often used in Ayurvedic medicine and they are said to have a regenerating and balancing effect.

Ashwagandha: Indian ginseng is regarded as an anti-aging agent because it has a very Vata-balancing effect. Vata, the principle of movement, is responsible, among other things, for the aging process. Therefore, from a biochronological point of view, the last phase of human life is also associated with the dominance of the Vata Dosha.

Triphala: The combination of three very potent herbs can promote digestion and intestinal health and has an uplifting and rejuvenating effect.

Aloe Vera: In Sanskrit, Aloe Vera means “Kumari”. That means as much as the young girl. The name says it all for this medicinal plant. Used internally and externally, it can have an enormous number of positive effects. It is considered to be very rich in enzymes and is a real free radical scavenger, which is a wonderful preventative against skin aging. Aloe Vera is available in the form of juice, gel or straight from the plant.

Attention: Before you use these products, you should definitely seek individual advice from an Ayurveda expert

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